have you wondered what would happen if Pokemon and Gravity Falls met......What would happen if various shows,movies,books,and anime met together in one universe......This is Clash of the universes......Where anything can happen.

This series follows the adventures Dipper Pines and the pack As they try to stop Bill Cipher form controlling the Multi-universe.But horrible sacrifices and choices must be made along the way if they are to succeed.

Books 1)The lost pack - A year has pasted.And everything is fine.Untill the holes start to form,portals to other worlds.The Earth is in peril .....AGAIN.

2)-Holes in the Mist-The pack has settled down in the Forest,Untill thay decide to raid.Now Dipper must help them escape form the police.Meanwhile far away something horrible is stirring the Eclipse will mark the new era

3)the darkest shadow-The pack has reawaked in a strange place.This is theire chance to escape to change,But somewhere far away where Slyveon's forces rule the end of the world is the begging of WAR.

4)The force-The pack has started a new rebelion a new leage of warriors that will save the worlds.But inorder to go home they must escape form captivity

5)Blood Moon- Upon returning home the 2 rebelions must jion together inthis was.But they are horribly out-numbered.This fight means sacrifice and not everyone will return home.

Side storiesEdit

Sweet Revenge-Slyveon wasn't dead like her fellow pack-mates thought this her story her wish for revenge.

Escape form the Pelt hunter -One year after blood moon the pack reunites again.Only to discover a new enemy one that will hunt them to extinction.

The Eeveelucion Dance off-!!!!!!!--a CRACK-FIC

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