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Dipper vs Nazis (aka Dipper beats Hitler)
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date July 24, 2014
Written by Robert Slave

Alex Hirsch

Justin Buckner

Directed by Mic Graves

B-Lo Lorbes

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Dipper vs Nazis (Also known as Dipper beats Hitler) is the first episode of the second season of Gravity Falls. It was written by Robuscus2013, Alex Hirsch and Justin Buckner. It was set to be released at July 24, 2014.



Dipper and Mabel get bored in the Mystery Shack, until they recieved a paper message, it says "Congratulations! You won a vacation to Na.Z.i Germany's house!". Dipper is impressed to Mabel.

Dipper and Mabel arrived on a special place, Mabel thinks that the place is cool without stupid nazis, but Dipper told Mabel that the sign says "Welcome to Nazi Germany!", Mabel said "So,", and Dipper said "This is Nazi Germany!", Mabel said "Where nazis attack?", Dipper said "Yes!", Both Dipper and Mabel are scared of nazis, but Dipper doesn't really fear the nazis since he's brave. Dipper goes to Adolf Hitler's office, then he introduced himself and challenges him to a fight. After he beat Hitler in the final round, Dipper wins, so Mabel is safe from nazis.


In the night, Dipper and Mabel go back to the Mystery Shack, and go to their beds to sleep.