This short fanfic is a mini-sequel to my other ongoing story, The Gravity Falls Song Contest. Also, this fanfic is dedicated to everyone in Paris, France, where a terrorist attack took place there on November 13, 2015, killing hundreds of Parisians, which shocked everyone not just in France but around the world. This is dedicated to the victims of the attacks, and to their friends, families, and loved ones. Stay Strong, Paris! You will always be the City of Lights and the City of Love in the hearts of many people!



  • Mabel Pines
  • Dipper Pines
  • Stan Pines
  • Soos Ramirez
  • Candy Chiu
  • Grenda
  • Linus Taylor
  • Wendy Corduroy
  • François Hollande

Part 1:Edit

Ever since they won the 1st Gravity Falls Song Contest, Mabel and the Love Patrol Alpha has been invited in various gatherings, conventions, and concerts to perform. They were even invited to open various concerts by some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Meghan Trainor, Flo Rida, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, and even from past GFSC participants such as Ariana Grande and Adele.

Every single fan of Mabel's band could not wait for Mabel's upcoming tour. They have no idea where Mabel is going to perform soon, but they keep sending Mabel requests on Twitter to stop by on their home cities.

Meanwhile, the Love Patrol Alpha is having a problem. They have no idea which cities they should visit. Mabel's "promoters", Candy and Grenda are also confused because of the various requests on Twitter. Mabel wants to visit the most beautiful and the most popular cities in the world, but she has no idea where to start. Then, someone knocked into the doors of the Mystery Shack. Mabel chose to open the door, and then came a professional concert promoter, who can help Mabel with her tour problem. His name is Linus Taylor. He is from Focus Live, a popular concert promoting company from Los Angeles. He heard about Mabel having a problem with her tour (because Mabel tweeted about her tour problem on Twitter, which sparked various suggestions and requests), and he would love to help Mabel and the Love Patrol Alpha with their concert problem. 

Everyone gathered at the table next to the living room, as Linus Taylor starts to talk. He said that the best place to start their tour is the place where Mabel and her band have a huge fanbase, and according to his research, Mabel has a huge fanbase in Europe. So, he said that Mabel should start her tour somewhere in Europe. This made Mabel suggest that they should have a 2-week tour in France. Mabel has heard on Twitter that she and her band has she has millions of fans in France, and there are thousands of suggestions on Twitter that they should visit France for some time. Also, Mabel has always wanted to visit France, especially Paris, as she heard that Paris is well-known as the "City of Lights" and the "City of Love". Then, Linus went on to plan Mabel's 2-week tour in France. He said that Mabel should visit some cities in France, before they end their tour in Paris. The entire band agreed with Linus' plan, so he searched and reserved some venues for Mabel's concert. Then, Mabel and the Love Patrol Alpha officially announced on Twitter that they will be having a 2-week tour in France, which sparked thousands of retweets. An official hashtag was made, #TheLovePatrolAlphaInFrance.

A day before they leave for France, everyone started to pack for their 2-week trip. Well, except Wendy, who decided to not join the tour. She used to dream in going to Paris, but after she heard about the Charlie Hebdo shootings, she dumped her dream to go there, and swore not to visit Paris, ever again. Everyone respected Wendy's decision and they just told her that they will be sending her updates just in case there's something happening.

Then, they night has come, the night they will be leaving for Paris. Wendy offered herself to take charge of the Mystery Shack while they're in their French tour. Then, she called a cab for them to the airport. They all said their good-byes to Wendy before they leave. As their cab arrived, they put their bags in the compartment and got inside the cab. The cab left after that, leaving Wendy alone outside the Mystery Shack. She starts to go back to her house, wishing Mabel safety for her tour, and hoping that there will be no terrorists crashing her shows.

As they arrive to the airport, they start to go to security checks. Since their first destination is Bordeaux, France, the security of the airport took high security checks on the Love Patrol Alpha, just in case they brought guns and other arms on their trip to France. After they passed the security checks, Mabel's fans waited in the airport to say goodbye to Mabel and wishing her to have an awesome tour, as the band is walking to the escalator, leading to their flight. They screamed for excitement as they saw the band pass them. Some even brought banners and flags, with messages of luck for Mabel. As the band is at the escalator, Mabel's excitement can't be contained. Her long dream to visit Paris is about to come true. They've made it to their flight. Their flight is an Air France flight 618, heading to Bordeaux, France. Before they leave, they waved outside the window of their plane, and they took autographs for the people who are inside the plane. As the plane is about to take off, everyone in the plane start to fasten their seat belts, as instructed, and prepare for their trip to Bordeaux. The Love Patrol Alpha is excited for the plane to take-off. As the plane is passing the runway, Mabel's excitement is at 100%. She can't hold her excitement to visit her first stop. As the plane took off, Mabel accidentally screamed for her excitement, which scared everyone inside. Her long dream is coming true.

The plane has safely arrived to Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport. Mabel's excitement is overloading. She starts to shiver for excitement. Luckily, she has a jacket on, not the mention the cold weather in Bordeaux. As the band got their bags, they start to get on the tour bus, leading to their hotel. By the way, here is the show list for Mabel's French tour:

Date City Country Venue
November 2, 2015 Bordeaux France Le Rocher de Palmer
November 3, 2015 Toulouse Le Zenith de Toulouse
November 4, 2015 Marseille Le Dome de Marseille
November 5, 2015 Nice Palais Nikaia
November 6, 2015 Saint-Etienne Le Zenith de Saint-Etienne
November 7, 2015 Lyon Palais des Sports de Gerland
November 9, 2015 Lille Zenith de Lille
November 10, 2015 Lens Le Colisee
November 11, 2015 Montpellier Park&Suites Arena
November 12, 2015 Paris Parc des Princes

And here is the setlist for their tour:

  1. Heroes/Taking Over Midnight
  2. Circus
  3. Counting Stars
  4. Centuries
  5. I Bet My Life
  6. My Name Is Mabel/Dessert
  7. Shake It Off
  8. Jealous
  9. Lips Are Movin'
  10. Fireball
  11. Love Me Harder
  12. A Thousand Years
  13. Lipstick
  14. Bang Bang

On the night of Mabel's first show, Mabel and her band are at the dressing rooms at the Le Rocher de Palmer, excited to see their French fans, who are screaming right now. As the entire band is ready, their gathered backstage and waited for their cue to start their show. As their cue came, the band ran into the stage, excited to see their fans, screaming.

Fast forward, all of their shows are a success, especially in Montpellier, where Mabel has hundreds of fan clubs there. Their final stop is not other than, PARIS! Mabel is so excited to visit Paris. She and her band is so fricking excited to perform in one of the most popular stadiums in Europe, besides Stade de France in all. Their tour bus passed some of Paris' most famous landmarks, including the famous Eiffel Tower. When they arrived to their hotel, they start to take pictures of the hallway, their room and its interiors. They cannot contain their excitement for the night they will not forget.

On the night of their much-awaited Paris concert, crowds of fans are waiting outside the Parc des Princes stadium. Television cameras are set (BTW, Mabel's concert is televised on HBO, Canal+ and PPV worldwide) and the band is preparing for the night. They took pictures of themselves getting prepared, and the Eiffel Tower at night. As they are all prepared, they start to leave the hotel room, and got on the tour bus, heading to Parc des Princes, where thousands of French and European fans are waiting for them. As they arrive to the stadium, they ran to their dressing rooms, getting final preparations ready, final autograph and meet-and-greet sessions and final retouches. After she is fully prepared, Mabel went backstage to see the people waiting for them in the stadium. The crowd outside is starting to grow and grow each minute. Mabel then went back to her dressing room and tries to control her excitement. Then, Linus called them for their cue and she went with the rest of the band backstage. Before they start the concert, they huddled and they said some stuff that would motivate them. Then, the broke up and waited for their cue, As their cue came, the band ran into the stage for excitement. They start to open their concert with their famous hits.

After the concert, the band ran backstage still happy and proud of their successful concert. Then, Linus congratulated them for a successful tour. They have gained millions for their shows. Then, Mabel congratulated them all for their successful career. She also said that she wants to reward them all by touring beautiful Paris. Everyone agreed with her plans and they celebrated in the dressing room.

The next day, the band woke up early to get prepared for their Paris tour. They quickly changed their clothes and accessorized themselves. Then, they went out of their hotel room and went to their Paris tour. Luckily, there are no fans outside waiting for them. They thought that all of them are just asleep, but they don't mind. Their first stop is a McDonalds restaurant near the 13th arrondissement of Paris. They ate breakfast there before they go to their next stop, the Eiffel Tower. As they are done eating, they called a cab to the Eiffel Tower. As they arrived at the famous Parisian landmark, they start to take pictures of themselves at the base of the tower. Then, they got tickets to the elevator, leading them to the top of the Eiffel Tower. As the elevator is carrying them up to the top, they took pictures of the outside. As they arrived to the top, they went to the balcony and took pictures of themselves. They even took selfies and groupfies. Then, they used the telescope to look at the view of Paris in the morning. Then, they wondered at the top of the Eiffel Tower, looking at the beauty of Paris. Then, they went on the elevator, leading them down at the base and they start to walk to their next stop, the Louvre Museum. While they are walking, they took pictures as well, they couldn'y handle taking pictures of the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fast forward, after they've explored the Louvre Museum, they went to the Louvre Palace the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Place de la Concorde, the Place Vendôme, the Grand Palais, the Canal Saint-Martin, and the Disneyland in Paris. While they are in Disneyland, they had lunch in a nearby American restaurant there.

When night came, the group decided to split so that they could see Paris by themselves. Dipper wants to watch his favorite rock band, Eagles of Death Metal perform at the Bataclan Theatre, Stan wants to watch a football game at the Stade de France, Soos wants to eat some food at Le Carillon, located at the Rue Bichat and Rue Alibert. Candy wants to taste some French food at Café Bonne Bière, located at Rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, Grenda also wants to taste some local French food, so she chose to eat at La Belle Équipe located at Rue de Charonne, and Mabel just wants to explore more of Paris, so she decided to have a walk at the Boulevard Voltaire and take pictures at the Place de la Nation. Mabel told everyone that they will meet at her place at the Boulevard Voltaire. Then, everyone started to scatter around Paris.

Dipper first went to a nearby mall to buy a disguise, so no one would think that he is from Love Patrol Alpha, then he went to the Bataclan Theatre. He bought tickets at the ticket booth to see his favorite band perform. Stan called a cab to the Stade de France, so he could see the French football team play against the German football team. Stan is a huge fan of the French football team, so he wouldn't miss a chance to see his team play live. Luckily, he had bought tickets early before he and the band left Gravity Falls. Soos, Candy and Grenda all went to their chosen restaurants to taste the food of France. They liked it all. They are also planning to buy some French bread for the band. They also want to buy some caviar and escargot for the band, but since it is too expensive, they disregarded buying it. Mabel just walked to the Boulevard Voltaire, and she took pictures of the beauty of Paris at night.

Everyone in the band was just enjoying the nightlife in Paris, when the unexpected happened.

While Stan was watching the football game between France and Germany at Stade de France, he accidentally dropped his pack of peanuts onto the floor and he heard something explode from nearby. He just thought that it was just fireworks that he didn't see, so he didn't mind it at all. Then, while is watching the game, while eating his peanuts, he heard another explosion. He saw French president François Hollande leave the stadium, who was seated a few rows away from him. leaving him wonder what was happening outside. Then, the people are starting to panic. The opposing teams left the field to evacuate, the people in the stands are starting to leave the stadium, while some just ran into the middle of the field for safety. Then, Stan went down to the field and he asked a French policeman what happened. He said that someone blew himself up outside the stadium. This scared Stan and he quickly ran to the exit, so he could head to the band's meeting place. He called a cab to the Boulevard Voltaire, as he is in a farther place.

Soos, who is still eating at the Le Carillon, saw someone letting out a gun and started shooting everyone inside. He hid under his table and he quietly ran into the exit of the restaurant, hoping that the gunman wouldn't hear his footsteps. As he is outside the restaurant, he heard another series of gunshots at the nearby Le Petit Cambodge restaurant. This scared him so much. Luckily, he doesn't have any wounds whatsoever. So, he ran into the direction of Boulevard Voltaire to warn Mabel what is happening.

Candy was at Café Bonne Bière when she heard some gunshots fired outside the restaurant. She quickly hid under her table. As she sees the people running outside the restaurant, she followed them. Then, she ran into Boulevard Voltaire to warn Mabel.

Grenda was just eating and eating at La Belle Équipe when she heard gunshots from the outside terrace. She hid under a table for a few minutes, then she escaped the restaurant, seeing dead bodies from the surroundings. Then, she ran into the location of Boulevard Voltaire, where she is close to for a few miles.

Mabel was just taking pictures at the Place de la Nation, when she saw something explode from a nearby cafe. People in her surroundings start to panic and ran away from the cafe. She asked someone what happened, then that person said to her that someone just took an order inside the cafe, and he just exploded himself. This made her panic and she quickly ran inside an store. Then, she hid under a table there and started to grab her phone and started texting everybody to meet her in a store at the Boulevard Voltaire. She said to them that someone exploded himself in a cafe.

Soos, Candy and Grenda are running to Boulevard Voltaire when Stan saw them and offered them all a ride to Boulevard Voltaire. As the four of them arrive at the Boulevard Voltaire, everything was dark and half-lit. Then, they saw a flashlight waving in a window. They went to the place where they saw that light and they went inside. As they got in, they saw Mabel hiding from a table. They hugged and they told to each other what happened. Then, the store manager locked the doors, closed the lights and closed the blinds of the store and he adviced them to stay put and be calm. Then, they've noticed something. Someone was missing in their group, but they couldn't point out which is which. Then, they heard gunshots outside. They lightly opened the blinds and they saw police outside the Bataclan Theatre. Then, they remembered that Dipper was the one missing in their group. They remembered that Dipper is watching a rock band perform inside the Bataclan. This made them scream so much for Dipper's safety.

Dipper was rocking out to the sounds of Eagles of Death Metal when he heard some gunshots fired inside the venue. Everyone panicked and started to hide and find the exit. He just thought that it was just pyrotechnics, so he just followed them. He climbed up the stage and hid backstage of the stage. He just hoped that the gunmen didn't saw him hiding. He heard the gunmen shouting some things like "Allahu Akbar" and "Syria". Then, he heard a grenade explode, and he also heard someone reload their guns three of four times. Then, he saw the band leave through the back door, so he invited the other people backstage to follow the band outside. As he is about to leave the venue, he heard a gunman say, "This is because of all the harm done by Hollande to Muslims all over the world." Then, he quickly ran outside the back door, lucky to not get shot by the gunmen or any conspirators.

Dipper was outside the Bataclan, looking for Boulevard Voltaire. Mabel, Stan, Soos, Candy and Grenda saw Dipper talk to the police and one media reporter. This made them so happy. Then, they opened the door to the store and quickly ran to Dipper. They all went for a group hug, lucky to be safe from the evil wrath of the perpetrators. Then, they saw the same cab that Stan, Soos, Candy and Grenda used to get there. It is parked near the store they've hid. So, they went to it and asked the driver to go to the hotel. One of the media reporters outside the Bataclan noticed that the person he interviewed earlier kinda looks like Dipper from Love Patrol Alpha, and the people who group hugged infront of him is the band itself. He didn't tell anyone about it for their security.

As they arrive to their hotel, they ran to their hotel room, where Linus is waiting for them at the door. He then hugged everyone for their safe return. Then, they all went inside the hotel room. Mabel looked at the Paris skyline, which is completely dark because of the attacks. The Eiffel Tower is dark and has no lights on. Mabel broke down a little bit to see the City of Lights turn into the City of Fear. Dipper noticed her and he tried to comfort her. Everyone went to Mabel and they all group hug again. After they group hugged, they went on to look at the now-dark Paris. The Eiffel Tower's lights are off, unlike the other night, which was so beautiful.

While the band is preparing to sleep and their flight back to Gravity Falls, Mabel opened the balcony took out her phone and took a picture of a dead Paris. Then, she stared at the Eiffel Tower and shouted, "Why? Why do you choose Paris?, Why?" referring to the terrorists, and she start to cry for Paris, France, falling in front of her eyes. Back at the Bataclan, after the band left the venue, the gunmen took hostage inside the venue. Another explosion was reported back at the Stade de France. Security forces enter the Bataclan and shot the gunmen. Two of the hostage takers inside the venue detonated their suicide vests and died, while another gunman was shot by police and as he fell to the floor, his suicide vest exploded. Then, at 12:58am, the French police ended the seige inside the Bataclan.

At the morning after the attacks, the Love Patrol Alpha is about to leave Paris and go back to Gravity Falls. But before they could leave, Mabel asked the band to go to a nearby flower shop, buy flowers and visit the locations of the Paris attacks. They put on black clothes and wore sunglasses to hide their identity. Before they could leave, they wrote letters to the victims, which they will put on the places they went on that night. As they leave the hotel, with their bags in the cab, they bought flowers in the nearby flower shop, and they began their journey to condolence. Their first stop is the La Belle Équipe, where Grenda ate some local French food. They placed flowers at the entrance doors of the restaurant, and Grenda placed her letter there. Then, they stopped at the Bataclan concert hall, where Dipper went to see his favorite rock band perform. Dipper was so emotional to see the Bataclan theater close. Some of his all-time favorite musicians performed in there before. He placed his letter near the flowers the group has put. Then, the band went to Café Bonne Bière, where Candy went to taste some of France's delicacies. She placed her letter on the front door of the cafe, with the flowers her friends placed. Then, they visited the Le Carillon where Soos ate some French food as well. Then, their last stop is the biggest stadium in France, the Stade de France. They placed their last batch of flowers infront of a tree near the stadium. Mabel Dipper and Stan also placed candles under the tree. Before they could leave for Gravity Falls, some of her fans saw them, placing flowers in the tree and instead of crowding them to death, they just joined them in their prayers for those victims of the attacks. They helped them send their condolences to the victims. Some placed their flowers near the band's. They also joined the band in singing "My Everything" by Ariana Grande and the national anthem of France, in tribute to everyone in Paris. As they heard the church bells ringing from afar, Mabel, Dipper, Stan, Soos, Candy, Grenda, and everyone that surrounds them, stood quiet in the tree, offering their prayers. As they are all praying, Mabel stared at the flame of a candle, as it dances in front of a picture of the Eiffel Tower, that one of her fans placed. 

As the band made it to the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Mabel saw everyone gathering at the TV screens across the ariport, as they are about to see Paris in the wake of the terror attacks and François Hollande is about to address the nation. Mabel and the band didn't mind about Hollande's speech and they just waited for their flight. Mabel stared outside the airport. It was just a sad day in Paris, and the weather even matched the emotions of Mabel and many Parisians. As their flight is about to leave, Dipper and Stan went to Mabel and they all went to the gate to their plane. As the plane took off, Mabel just stared on the view of Paris. While Mabel is staring outside, a news flash came on the screen in front of her. It was just a breaking news, of François Hollande addressing France. Mabel just watched the speech and didn't mind about everything, after what happened to Paris. After Hollande's speech, a news came on the screen about the band singing "My Everything" and the French national anthem in front of a tree near the Stade de France. Every single French fan of the Love Patrol Alpha was proud of her and her love for Paris. Then, Mabel started to take out her phone and started to tweet, thanking all of their French fans for their support and their prayers. She also told them to keep praying for Paris and for the dignity of France. She also expressed her condolences there. After she tweeted, she kept her phone in her bad and she turned on the recliner seat and she starts to take a little nap, but she couldn't do it. After that she's been though all night, she couldn't forget the Paris attacks. She couldn't believe how those perpetrators hate France, and for what they say about the French President. On her way back to Gravity Falls, where many of her fans in town, including Wendy, are waiting for her, she will never forget the day that shocked the world. She took out her phone once again, and went on Instagram. She uploaded all of her pictures at the Eiffel Tower and captioned them with "Stay Strong! #PrayForParis." As she posted it on her Instagram, she kept her phone again and tried to sleep. Luckily, she fell asleep while she stares at the view outside.

Meanwhile in Paris, after the band has left the Stade de France, a fan who joined Mabel and the Love Patrol Alpha in their prayers in the stadium, picked one flower in Mabels's bouquet and she called a cab to her house, just a few blocks near the Place de la République, where vigils are held. She went to her room, and she wrote a letter. Her letter is in French and it says:

Chers Parisiens,

Je suis Jasmine Bouchard-DuBois. Je suis un grand fan de la célèbre groupe américain, le Love Patrol Alpha, et je vous écris en leur nom. Je suis profondément attristé de ce qui est arrivé à Paris le 13 Novembre, 2015, également connu sous le vendredi 13. En raison de ce qui est arrivé ce jour-là, je commence à croire en cette superstition. Le Love Patrol Alpha est également triste de ce qui est arrivé, en particulier leur chanteur, Mabel Pines. Elle l'aimait deux jours ici à Paris et ses deux semaines ici, dans le pays de France. Quand elle a entendu parler des événements tragiques du vendredi, elle était tellement dévasté. Elle attend de voir Paris dans sa plus belle avant qu'elle retourne aux États-Unis, mais malheureusement, elle n'a pas fait. Après ce qui est arrivé, elle prie pour Paris de revenir. Elle veut voir Paris forte une fois de plus. Elle veut que chaque parisienne pour être heureux et plein d'espoir. Elle vous veut tous de ne pas abandonner sur les terroristes. Elle veut que vous battre, et de ramener ce qui est bon pour nous tous, Parisiens. Je suis également écris ceci pour exprimer les condoléances à la fois le Love Patrol Alpha et moi.

Nous espérons vous voir fort à nouveau. Montrons au monde que nous, le peuple de Paris, en France, sont les plus personnes les plus fortes du monde a vu. Montrons que les terroristes que nous sommes forts, puissante et unie, peu importe combien d'attaques qu'ils font.

Nous prions pour Paris!


Jasmine Bouchard-DuBois =)

Écrivant dans le compte de,

Le Love Patrol Alpha <3

As she is done writing her letter, she rolled the letter, tied it with a ribbon and placed it inside a plastic bottle. Then, she grabbed the flower she took back at the Stade de France, then she picked a flower from her indoor garden, grabbed an old newspaper, cutted it crosswise, rolled it like a bouquet, grabbed a few scoops of soil and she placed the flowers in it. Then she watered it placed it in a corner for it to get some nutrients. Then she decorated her bottled message with some black paint and glitters, then she drew a peace sign in the bottle using white paint, with the Eiffel Tower replacing the crosses of the sign. Then, she set it to dry for a few munutes, then, after a few minutes, she grabbed three colored candles, with the colors of the French flag, then her bottled message and her mini bouquet. Then she started to walk towards the Place de la République.

Vigils are currently held there. Candles lit, flowers surrounding the statue and people talking and hugging everythere. As Jasmine arrived at the Place de la République, she find ps a blank spot where she could put her message and flowers. She can't put her flowers in front of the statue because there are so many people there, praying and crying. Then she found a small statue near the Place de la République. There are no flowers or candles or letters placed in its surrounding, so she decided to put them there. She placed her bottled message and mini bouquet of flowers in front of the small statue, then, she started to light the colored candles. First, she lit the blue colored candle, then the white one and the red one. As she is done lighting the candles, she started her moment of silence.

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